For registered Florida architects seeking to fulfill the State of Florida requirements for continuing education, the state has approved a total of 30 HSW/CEUs for this event. Read more about the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) units here. 

Each of the 15 total sessions at the symposium, listed below, offers 2 HSW/CEUs.

Morning sessions (9:20-10:55am)

1. Resilience I: Vulnerability Assessments, Master Planning, and Collaborations - 2 HSW/CEUs
2. Metabolisms I: Race and Gender Equity & Cultural Identities - 2 HSW/CEUs
3. Metabolisms II: Coastal Nature-Based Infrastructure, Mapping, and Modeling - 2 HSW/CEUs
4. Mobility I: Higher Ground - Gentrification, Insurability, and Affordability - 2 HSW/CEUs
5. Metabolisms III: Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Tourism - 2 HSW/CEUs

Mid-day sessions (11am-12:40pm)

1. Resilience I: Urban Codes, Policy, Planning, and Design - 2 HSW/CEUs
2. Social Resilience II: The Role of the Arts in Engaging Communities - 2 HSW/CEUs
3. Resilience III: Disaster Mitigation - 2 HSW/CEUs
4. Social Resilience IV: The Evolving Role of Education - 2 HSW/CEUs
5. Resilience V: Definitions, Transitions, and Jurisdictions - 2 HSW/CEUs

Afternoon sessions (1:30-3:10pm)

1. Metabolisms I: Water Management in the Urban Realm - 2 HSW/CEUs
2. Metabolisms II: Learning from Nature, Environmental Services, and Performance - 2 HSW/CEUs
3. Resilience I: Engineering and Construction Innovations - 2 HSW/CEUs
4. Resilience II: Building Design, Performance, and Safety - 2 HSW/CEUs
5. Mobility I: Economic Engines - 2 HSW/CEUs

5 CMs for AICP certification maintenance available.

Ticket Prices

$25 for a single-session (2 CEUs) ticket
$50 for a multi-session (between 2 and 30 CEUs) ticket 
For those purchasing a multi-session ticket, you will receive access to the session videos on our website for two weeks after the event. Given the nature of our symposium, participants attending the full symposium can receive up to 6 CEUs for participating in three concurrent, live sessions, and all remaining CEUs (<24 credits) by watching the online videos for two weeks after the event.